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    About Care South

    Residential care throughout the south of England. Home care services in areas of Dorset, Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset

    "It wasn't an easy decision to move Mum into residential care, but obviously it was the right one. Thank you for looking after her for us."

    We know that it’s the care that counts…of our care home residents, our home care customers and our employees that makes us a leading provider of home and residential care services across the south of England.

    We offer a full range of care and support services for people of all ages: from young people who need some temporary help with everyday life, to older people looking for a new home with full-time care in one of our care homes. As a not-for-profit charity our focus isn’t on targets or sales, but a genuine dedication to supporting people in the community who need help to get the best out of life by offering high quality, compassionate care, which can be adapted to suit individual needs. Everyone’s different and arranging care can be a challenge, so we like to work with you and your family to make the process as easy as possible and to work out the balance of care that suits you best.