Back to school on 100th birthday!

23rd July 2011

Gwen Spicer with (L-R) Jenny Webster, Activities Organiser at Maiden Castle House, and Mrs Spicer’s son Freddie and his wife Janet.

Moreton Tea Rooms, Gwen’s old school.

Gwen with her Birthday card from HM The Queen (Photo credit to Dorset Echo)

Care home resident Gwen Spicer celebrated her 100th birthday with a visit to the building where she once went to school.

The former Moreton village school is now the popular Moreton Tea Rooms and Mrs Spicer was taken to lunch there by staff of Maiden Castle House in Dorchester where she has lived for the past three years. She was accompanied by another resident, Bessie Stopforth, and her son Freddie and daughter-in-law Janet.

“I attended this school from the age of five until I was fourteen” says Gwen. “I enjoyed my schooldays, and still remember our head teacher, Miss Amy Gillett. Every morning we all had to wash our hands with Lifebuoy soap in a bowl of water in the lobby – we all used the same water!”

On leaving school Mrs Spicer served an apprenticeship as a dressmaker and spent most of her life in Moreton apart from four years when she was a lady’s maid to the daughters of Lord and Lady Winford. “I looked after their clothes, mended them, altered them, and kept them tidy,” she says.

Mrs Spicer later married and had three sons, who would all be joining her for tea on her special day.