Care award replaced for Haydon

17th April 2012

Haydon Palmer, care assistant at Talbot View and Home Manager Nick Holman

Haydon Palmer was understandably proud to be a finalist for the title of Dementia Carer of the Year in the Great South West Care Awards, but was devastated when his glass trophy was accidentally smashed at a local careers event.

A keen ambassador for the care sector, 22 year old Haydon had spent the day encouraging young people to consider care as a career route by showing what he has achieved since taking up his job at Talbot View residential care home in Bournemouth.

His employers, Care South, got in touch with the Awards organisers who immediately replaced the trophy much to Haydon’s delight.

Haydon had been to college and worked in retail before deciding to join the caring profession. “When I started at Talbot View it immediately felt right,” he says.

Haydon has easily adapted to a challenging role. Talbot View is one of 16 care homes in Dorset operated by Care South, all of which have areas which are tailored towards caring for people living with dementia.

Home manager Nick Holman says: “He was immediately a hit with residents and staff, and I am proud to have him as a hard working, dedicated carer within my team.”