Care South signs NCF’s Quality First Commitment

19th July 2012

Chairman, Felicity Irwin (L) and Chief Executive, Susan Willoughby (R) sign NCF Quality First

Care South has officially pledged its support to the National Care Forum’s (NCF) ‘Quality First’ framework, signing the Quality First Commitment to provide safe, high quality care and support services and continuous quality improvement.

The Quality First Commitment has been implemented following two years of work and research, and has been created in support of the NCF’s aims to promote quality through the not-for-profit sector, as well as to help NCF members demonstrate the quality of services they provide.

Richard Hawes, Director of Care Services at Care South, commented: “There is a growing need for care and support services which people can trust. Providing quality care is our priority and this is at the heart of everything we do and stand for as a not-for-profit organisation. Signing up to the NCF Quality First framework just further underlines our commitment to this.”

Quality First is a framework for member organisations to assess themselves, and has been designed to assist members to both demonstrate and provide evidence of its commitment to quality to the regulatory and commissioning bodies, including the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Care South has a responsibility to provide evidence about what it is doing and how it is doing it, and as part of this commitment, the CEO and Chairman are also required to sign up to the Commitment and pledge ongoing support.

There are 10 separate elements to NCF ‘Quality First’ including commitment, service user participation and involvement, innovation, community involvement, continuo’s quality improvement, HR development, accessible information, sound governance, accountability and financial integrity, evidence-based practice and learning and gaining the confidence and trust of  people who use the services and their families.

All members will be able to use a checklist for an initial baseline assessment and online resource materials will be made available to support members.