Compliments for Carers πŸ‘

Our staff are working tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our residents and service users, making sure that they are well cared for, well fed, hydrated and entertained in environments observing the very highest infection control measures, as always.

We continue to support, recognise and reward our staff during this national crisis, and are appreciative of their incredibly important contribution to our teams in looking after your loved ones. We think they are truly remarkable, as we are sure you do too. If you would like to express your thanks, please click here or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will post your comments below for our staff to read.

You said…



πŸ‘ To Corinne Topps and all her team at Fremington Manor a very big thank you for keeping all the residents, especially my mum Barbara, safe and well during the Pandemic. You are all amazing.

Judith Vassidy



πŸ‘ To all the amazing staff at Maiden Castle House who did an absolutely brilliant job in these testing times for my dad, John. I know that throughout his final weeks when we weren’t allowed to visit him he was very well looked after and cared for, and I know that many of the staff there went above and beyond in trying to ease his suffering and ensure his wellbeing. Thank you all for being so wonderful.

Rosie Berwick



πŸ‘ Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff of Alexandra House, Parkstone, who looked after my dear mum, Marjorie, for her final few months. Your outstanding care meant that mum enjoyed her time with you despite being cut off from family and friends, and I know mum received so many phone calls you must have been fed up with us, but we were always cheerfully put through (if she wasn’t already on another phone!). I am so grateful I could be with mum for her final couple of days, and appreciate the care, concern and respect you showed mum and I during such an emotional time. I feel extremely lucky that my mum was with you when she needed to feel safe and cared for, it helped to make a stressful time bearable, thank you all.

Jo Sawyer



πŸ‘ I would just like to say a big thank you to Sue Revell, Activities Co-ordinator at Kenwith Castle, for setting up regular Skype meetings between myself and my husband and my parents who are both residents. It is easy to book a time slot and she is usually running more or less to time. It can’t be easy getting two elderly people sat in the right position, the technology sorted and tactfully ending the session so she it not late for the next one. Sue also is great at repeating the conversation when my Mum fails to hear. I think we all enjoy seeing each other which helps supplement the letters and phone calls during Covid 19. Thank you again.

Sue Jones



πŸ‘ All my thanks go to everyone at Fairlawn in Ferndown for the fantastic care my mother, Joan, has received over the past 15 months, but particularly since March when family haven’t been able to visit. I was lucky enough to be able to see her at a distance this week and she looked really well and contented. Thank you in particular to Hazel, Mel, Lynn, Sue, Nicola and everyone else involved in her care…too numerous to mention but ever grateful to. I miss visiting my Mum, but also miss seeing the staff and the other residents.

Sarah Packer



πŸ‘ A massive thank you to all the staff at St Ives House, I keep in touch with my cousin Bernie by phone as he will not use his iPad and he says that staff have made everything as normal as can be, we are very grateful to you all I. look forward to visiting again and enjoying coffee in The Bistro.

Beryl Sinclair



πŸ‘ I want to pass on my special thanks to everyone at Queensmead care home in Christchurch. The way you look after my mum Patsy during this difficult time is nothing short of brilliant and I am in awe of your dedication. I know she is safe and well in your hands and I appreciate that you don’t mind me being a nuisance when I call. I don’t honestly know how you manage to do your jobs with such patience and understanding – I’m just so glad that you do. I look forward to a time when I can see and hug my mum again but in the meantime the Skype facility you provide is the
next best thing. Stay safe.xx

Ann Godfrey



πŸ‘ To all the carers at Elizabeth House. You are doing a fantastic job, and every Thursday evening our entire family are clapping both for the NHS and also for you. We never forget the sacrifice you are all making at this troubling time. Stay safe and we hope to be able to say thank you in person, when the time is right to do so. Tim and Sally Beal and our children and grand children xxx

Tim Beal



πŸ‘ My family and I would like to send our thanks and very best wishes to all the staff at St Ives House. They demonstrated exceptional kindness to my parents; thoughtfully caring for my beloved father Rodney throughout his last illness and supporting my mother Gillian back to health following a road accident. We are thinking of you all, sending you strength and look forward to a visit when we are able to.

Emma Day



πŸ‘ I would like to thank management and all staff at Talbot View for everything you are doing for our relatives. It is so hard for us not to be able to see them, this is made easier by knowing that they are being so well cared for, kept busy with activities organised by wonderful Helen and her helpers, the care staff who not only give wonderful care but give their support and reassurance. Special thanks to Kat who always goes above and beyond. When I speak to Mum she is always upbeat and full of praise for staff. I can’t thank you enough. Best wishes to you all love Julie and family.

Julie Bushell



πŸ‘ Big thank you to all staff at Elizabeth House for caring for my mother. Can’t be easy in these terrible times. Can’t wait for the day to give her a big hug.

Teresa Larner



πŸ‘ I wish to thank all the fabulous staff at Elizabeth House in Poole, Dorset, for taking such good care of my mum. She has been shown the upmost care, kindness and respect since arriving there in January. Her words: β€œI couldn’t wish for anything more, they are all fantastic.” So, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of her family and friends, thank you so much Elizabeth House!

Diana Priestley



πŸ‘ On behalf of my sisters and myself I would like to thank all the staff at Maiden Castle House, Dorchester, for the care for our mum. Mum literally arrived on their doorstep on the 27th March and we had to leave her with her belongings in the care of the staff and walk away! Since then, we have rung daily and we are always answered with professionalism but care and knowledge of how mum is. We are able to speak to mum and she talks fondly of the staff. We can’t wait until we can visit to see her room and put faces to the names of the people we have spoken to. One person I speak to regularly brightens my day when sharing funny anecdotes of mum. Thank you is not adequate to how we feel about you all, especially through these strange times, but THANK YOU!

Clare Parkinson




πŸ‘ DankeschΓΆn all you lovely people at St Ives House. You gave Mum the best possible birthday on her 96th and I am so grateful to you all, especially Terri-Ann. In these difficult times it is not easy living so far away and not able to visit but knowing Mum is being wonderfully cared for is a great comfort to me. Once again thank you very much, hope everyone and their families stay safe and cannot wait to see you all again.

Diane Binder



πŸ‘ We would like to thank all the staff at Dorset House in Poole. Mum moved in December and unfortunately she passed away on the 17th of April. The staff welcomed her and took amazing care of her. Her passing was peaceful and respectful. They have been amazing throughout and we are so grateful to them all.

Karen Brown



πŸ‘ I can’t thank all the carers at Fern Brook Lodge, Gillingham enough! Mum has only been there 6 months and says β€œit’s like a hotel”. She has her own issues but the carers always have time to sit and talk things through and calm her ensuring she understands what is happening and encouraging her to join in various activities. She welcomes the company and says she’s had a busy day when in fact it is the carers popping in to check she is OK. She has started knitting again and enjoys flower arranging and joining in the parties and says they are really good with bunting, hats, food, drinks, and songs and is looking forward to another one on VE Day. She has even enjoyed kicking the football with a Bournemouth football team player who visits frequently. Even though the hairdresser is unable to visit at these difficult times, a carer has cut her hair and put it in rollers. Their devotion and dedication to my mum is outstanding and we are forever thankful that she is in a safe and secure home being well looked after. Highly recommended.

Anita Heatley



πŸ‘ To all the lovely staff at Princess Alexandra House, Sussexdown, looking after Dad (Fred) – thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication in these very difficult times. Even though we are not able to spend time with Dad at the moment, we feel reassured that he is being very well cared for. Take care of yourselves and much love.

Lisa & Martin Cox



πŸ‘ We just wanted to say thank you to all of the staff at Buxton House for the care and attention you are giving Margaret during this difficult time. Skype chats seem to be quite difficult for her to comprehend so reading over our emails seems easier for her. This takes time, I know, so we do appreciate the time you take with her.

Richard & Victor Whiting



πŸ‘ Thank you to all the staff at Fairlawn. Although we are not able to visit, we know that Mum is in very good hands. Thank you so much for all the work and extra that you do to keep all the residents occupied, safe and well through this strange time. Wishing all residents and staff stay safe and keep well. Looking forward to when we can see you all again, Clive and Mo.

Clive B



πŸ‘ Just wanted to say a really big thank you to all the carers and support guys and girls at Alexandra House. Mum (Margaret) is fantastically cared for in normal circumstances, but these times are totally different, and your super-human efforts to keep all our vulnerable family members safe and cared for is just incredible and humbling – many, many thanks to you all. We wish you and your own families every best wish and all our love. Jane, Rod, Sue, Carol, Lindsey, and all the Dallisson clan xxxxxx

Jane Dallisson



πŸ‘ With my mum’s own little ‘St Ives House family’ and is happy and content. Stay safe all of you. Hopefully we can get back to same normality by the summer and we will be able to see you all soon again, as I missed my visits. To all the staff, we just want to say a massive thank you for all you do and will do throughout this strange period we are all entering. We really do take comfort that Mum is in your care. Sara & Family.

Sara C



πŸ‘ For all the wonderful staff of S. Ives House who take such great care of Dad, Rudd. We are so very grateful and thankful that he is in such wonderful hands. Thank you… Much love from all of Rudd’s Family.

Mary T



πŸ‘ To all the wonderful staff at Alexandra House – you are just fabulous. Your kindness to, and care of my mother, Sheila, has been outstanding from the start, and continues to be so in these very difficult times. You are endlessly helpful, cheerful and kind. I miss not seeing you! Keep safe and well and thank you again for continuing to show such professionalism and compassion.

Lynnet Williams



πŸ‘ To everyone at Maiden Castle House care home, what can I say!! Well the picture at the top of this site showing my dad Brian Witts enjoying a game of snakes and ladders with one of your fabulous staff actually does the job for me. These are very challenging times that we live in at the moment and the bravery, love, care and devotion you all give to the residents is just amazing!! Keep up the fantastic work and remember in difficult moments it is people like you that make the difference for so many of the elderly population and their families who need your help and support. THANK YOU for looking after my dad whilst he was in your care!!

Paul Witts



πŸ‘ I would like to thank all the carers and staff at Alexandra House for their care and support of my mum, Nora. In these difficult times it’s hard not being able to see my mum but my consolation is the fact that I know she is in the best possible hands. I know Alexandra House do everything for her that I would wish could be done by myself and for that I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Karen Snow



πŸ‘ Fremington Manor, I salute you all. My mum had the best possible birthday today. Everyone made the effort to celebrate Mums 104th birthday and she had the best time. The whole family are in awe of the level of love and care you provide to all your residents and you always seem ready to got the extra mile. I will raise a glass to Mum tonight but you all will be included in the toast! Much love to you all.

Pat Newman



πŸ‘ I would like to express my thanks to all the wonderful staff at Fairlawn who are working so hard and with such love and dedication to care for my husband, Peter, at this very difficult time. A special thanks go to Hazel and her brilliant crew on the top floor who treat both him and myself with such humour and kindness and I feel gratified to know that he is being so well looked after. I would also like to thank the folks in the office who are always so patient and chatty and welcoming whenever I call.

Sue Arnold, 18/04/2020



πŸ‘ To all the amazing staff at Alexandra House, thank you seems inadequate for your kindness and for the care you have shown my mother, Brenda. Lockdown is difficult for everyone but for you, who carry on day after day in such awful times, worrying about your families at home and at the same time providing such a safe and caring environment for all your residents, is truly incredible. So the biggest thank you ever!!

Karen Ralph, 18/04/2020



πŸ‘ To all the staff at Queensmead – thank you for making it special and safe for my mum, Neva. It is very comforting to be able to talk to you at any time and not feel a nuisance! In these difficult times I have been in awe of how you are giving even more to make mum and all the residents happy. You are all special people – I’m sending the biggest and longest and loudest of claps to each and every one of you.

Judith Bridle



πŸ‘ What a lovely surprise seeing those familiar smiling faces of the Wickmeads care staff and just wanted to let you know Margaret and I have been thinking of you all at this difficult time. Stay safe and we hope to be able to visit and catch up with you all when it’s safe to do so. Once again, a big thank you for all the love and care you gave to Mum. It’s now time to go outside to clap louder than ever for you all at Wickmeads and all the other key workers. Love and best wishes Liz and Margaret

Liz Ford



πŸ‘ I would like to say a huge thanks to all the housekeepers within Care South. They are going above their roles to support to residents and carers, and are often forgotten, but they are working just as hard so thank you every single one of you.

Nick Holmes



πŸ‘ On behalf of all the staff at the Care South Crewkerne office we would like to thank all of our care staff, who continue to work tirelessly in the community during these uncertain times. The level of care, support and compassion you continue to deliver is truly inspirational and we could not be prouder of you all.

Sarah Broom



πŸ‘ The family of Betty Neville would like to say a huge thank-you for your tremendous care and hard work during this challenging time. We know that she is safe and well looked after (as always!). We are thoroughly enjoying the face time chats with her and are so grateful that the staff are taking the time to do this, it means so much and puts our minds at ease, we are sure she enjoys them too! Keep up the fantastic work, you are all heroes! Thank-you again.

Linda Jones



πŸ‘ Thank you so much for all you are doing to care and keep safe my mum Sue. My dad Nigel, my brother Adam and I know you are looking after her and trying your best to keep her happy!! It means so much at this tough time when we can’t see Mum that she is being cared for.
Hope you and your families are all well and keeping safe.

Nikki Smith



πŸ‘ My Mum has been living in Buxton House now for just over three months now. Every time I, or any other member of our family, visit her we are always overwhelmed by the care and attention my mother receives. I find it quite humbling how nothing is too much trouble at any time and if we need assistance at all the help is there at once. She has not looked back since she went to live there and my sister and I agree that is is the best decision we made regarding out mother and her new home. I stand outside the front door every Thursday evening and clap like mad for all the staff at Buxton House. The praise is so richly deserved. And now for Buxton House to have enabled us to see our Mum through Skype in these worrying times is absolutely great.

Dee Taylor



πŸ‘ I wish to thank all the staff at Kenwith Castle, especially Sue Revell who has made such a huge difference to my dad’s life. She has encouraged my dad to take part in most of the activities she organises and runs. He has come out of this little hermit shell since moving into the home, he’s even joined the community choir which absolutely left me gob smacked. He is always smiling and every time I ring he always has someone caring for him in his room so he’s never alone for very long. He’s also put on weight and come off his supplements because the food is so good. I really can’t thank everyone enough for looking after and caring for him and making his stay so enjoyable.

Sarah Boocock



πŸ‘ I would just like to thank everyone at Maiden Castle House, Dorchester, who are doing a fantastic job in looking after my mum, Ruth. Their care, kindness and patience is second to none, nothing is too much trouble – even taking the time to reassure and chat to me when ever I call.
Please give yourselves a huge pat on the back.

Jane Wareham



πŸ‘ A massive thank you to everyone at Fremington Manor who do so much for my mother. I call her most days and invariably someone is in the room with her. She would be so alone if she was in her old house. I think you all do an amazing job and should be proud to be part of such a dedicated team.

Joanne Rabbitts



πŸ‘ Well done Fremington Manor staff. Thank you for creating such a friendly, relaxed atmosphere despite the current circumstances. My mother reports so many individual acts of kindness by staff when we communicate by phone.

Carolyn Page



πŸ‘Β A huge thank you to all the very special staff at Alexandra House in Parkstone. You care for our Mum, Marjorie, in such a wonderful way. Our Family are so thankful that she is part of your Family. We are so grateful for all that you do – she thinks the world of you all and knowing she is with you has made these difficult times when we are unable to visit more bearable for us all. We can never thank you enough.

Linda Kennedy



πŸ‘ This is a message to all the Wonderful staff at Maiden Castle House, Dorchester. You are amazing and to know our precious Mum (Margaret) is being cared for at this most terrifying time of all our lives gives us such comfort. You are always so lovely when we ring to ask how Mum is, you must always be so busy but you all take the time and sometimes (Sue) phone me numerous times to update me on Mum. Thank you seems not enough for all you are doing, stay safe everyone and hope to see you on the other side of this.

Caroline Way



πŸ‘ Thank you so much for your fantastic ongoing care and dedication to residents at Maiden Castle House during this unprecedented time. Staff have gone the extra mile in this coronavirus outbreak, even though most will never have been trained on how to work in the midst of a pandemic. You have been on the frontline battling to help residents and too often this has not been recognised. I really hope that at the end of this epidemic both care workers and NHS staff will be held high as vital to this country – far far more important than city financiers and hedge fund owners pushing money around at the touch of a button. Thank you and for ongoing care for my 86-year-old father John.

Tony McDougal



πŸ‘ I normally visit my mum every day at Beauchamp House, Taunton, but have been unable to do so following this awful viral outbreak. From speaking to her on the phone I know that she is being well cared for and I am SO GRATEFUL to all of the staff who are trying to maintain normality, which is so important, but also going the extra mile to try to make up for the residents not having their usual visitors. A very big thank you and I pray that you all stay safe

Hilary Scott



πŸ‘ I have so much respect and gratitude for all the staff caring for my mother in Maiden Castle House care home. In these stressful and testing times they have risen to the occasion. I thank you.

Cass Churchill



πŸ‘ Thank you to Cosmin at Elizabeth House for setting up a Skype call with my 91 year old father, Frank, today. Thank you to all the carers and staff who are keeping all the residents safe and well.

Alison C



πŸ‘ Words can’t express how grateful I am for the care and love given to my dad, David, by the wonderful people who work tirelessly at the Princess Alexandra House at Sussexdown. Thank you to both the day and night carers especially Elaine, Tash, Pauline and Chloe for their devotion to Dad and all of the other residents who are treated with understanding and compassion. Thanks also to the chefs, cleaners and admin staff for all their efforts to keep the unit running so well.
Of course I miss Dad every day but know he’s in the very best place which brings me comfort in this very difficult time.
God bless you all – keep well and safe xx

Beverly Brakefield



πŸ‘ I am so pleased that out of all the care homes I visited, I chose Talbot View for my mum, Barbara. At this tremendously worrying time, I know that Mum is being well cared for and entertained. We, as a family, are so grateful to all the staff; the cleaners, handy-man, chef, reception staff (Karen and Pauline), all the lovely carers, especially Kat and Julie, and finally, last, but not least, Helen for her cheeriness and devotion and Tracey who is a fantastic figurehead. A huge THANK YOU to all of you. Please take good care of yourselves – you are all wonderful xxxxxxxx

Jenny Hawkins


πŸ‘ A great big thank you to all the carers and staff at Kenwith Castle for looking after Tony, our father, grandfather and great grandfather, so well in these difficult times. We appreciate your dedication to all the guests at Kenwith and nothing is too much trouble (and we have some really strange requests!!) Hopefully you will hear us clapping on Thursday night as we’re out there giving it our all. Thank you again.

Cathy Freeman



πŸ‘ We are so grateful to all the wonderful carers at Maiden Castle House care home. At this very worrying time, it is so comforting to know that my dear mum, Betty, is being so well looked after by the fantastic team there. They treat my mum with love, dignity and respect, and this will always be remembered. With heartfelt thanks, Jane and family.

Jane Samways


πŸ‘ To all the staff at Maiden Castle House, a massive thank you for caring for my mum, Joan, for the last couple of years. You’ve made a huge difference to her quality of life – and my father’s – as her dementia has progressed. We hope you are all taking care, that you are getting the support and equipment you need, and that the role you all play in our society is properly valued. Let’s also hope you might see Mum back with you soon.

Gareth Jones

πŸ‘ A big thank you to everyone at Kenwith Castle for all you do for my father Reg, we really appreciate it. Take care in this difficult time.

Mandy Smale

πŸ‘ Thank you so much to everyone at Talbot View for taking such exceptional care of my Mum, Barbara. It is very hard to put into words how much your caring and thoughtfulness means to me and my mum. I miss visiting her, but it is so wonderful, to see her on FaceTime. Thank you Helen for organising it and filling me in with what my mum has been doing. You are always so happy and it is a pleasure to talk to you. There are always lots of activities taking place and I look forward to seeing the photos you post on Facebook. You are all always amazing and what you are doing is even more so in these difficult circumstances.

Nicola Meredith



πŸ‘ My niece is a carer at Maiden Castle House. I applaud you all. Devoted, caring staff.

Sheila Howe



πŸ‘ I would like to thank the amazing staff at Maiden Castle House in Dorchester. From the very first moment on visiting the care home I knew it was where I wanted my Aunt Pearl to live. You are so dedicated to providing care in such a lovely professional and compassionate manner, you are all heroes. In this challenging time I feel relieved that anything that can be done to protect residents will be done. Thank you all so much.

Robert Spiller



πŸ‘ I wish to thank you all so very much for the care and support you provide to my brother Robert at Fremington Manor. I would really love to be able to visit and thank you personally but as this is impossible at this time, I will once again say thank you very much. I will continue to clap you every Thursday. Take care of yourselves as well.

Val Ley



πŸ‘ A big thank you to all the staff at Talbot View. It is good to see all the residents with happy, smiley faces, especially at this difficult time when we are unable to visit our loved ones to keep them safe. On behalf of my sisters, Louise and Ellen, and myself, a big THANK YOU for looking after our Muetterchen Anna so well.

Julia Pomeroy



πŸ‘ Thank you all on behalf of me and my family for the care and dedication that you show looking after my mum Rose in Maiden Castle House. You all work well as a team, from carers to caterers to cleaners, to make my mum and many others safe and happy. Many many thanks to you all, it is all appreciated. Stay safe.

Jan Middleton



πŸ‘ The care at Alexandra House has always been excellent. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic they are doing an exceptional job. We are able to Skype with my mother, which helps hugely. She, despite her memory loss is understanding and appreciating of the need for social distancing. Yesterday they were eating ice creams and singing. She would have been seriously isolated if she was still living alone and this reinforces for us all this is a perfect place for her to be. Thank you to all the staff who care so wonderfully.

Ros Maycock



πŸ‘ Thank you to all at Castle Dene care home. You all work tirelessly for the well-being and happiness of the residents and their relatives’ concerns at this difficult time, whilst you have your own families to care for too. Many thanks for looking after my mum, which you do so brilliantly at all times.

Nicky S



πŸ‘ Every evening I phone my mum Dot, she makes me laugh and cry if I don’t get an answer – she rings me back saying “sorry I was in the wardrobe or I couldn’t get my slippers on”. Still hearing her sense of humour over the telephone is entirely down to the staff of Maiden Castle House care home, who are themselves experiencing a very difficult time but are working tirelessly for their residents – a great big thank you to all of you. Thank you also must go to management for their updates on the situation.

Janet Davis



πŸ‘ Shout out to all the carers and staff who i know will be going above and beyond in looking after those in their care. Thinking of you all. I clap for you. Particularly for all at Alexandra House where my mum Jeanette lived so happily before she passed away last year. God bless you all.

Sue Melia



πŸ‘ Thank you to you all for doing such a wonderful job looking after our loved ones. The staff at Alexandra House are always brilliant. Being able to telephone and skype my mum has been great at this difficult time. Thank you again we applaud you xx

Sandy Hatchard



πŸ‘ Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff at Alexandra House, Parkstone. Our family are so grateful to you all for looking after mum so well, when so many of you must want to be spending time with your own families. You all go above and beyond, and we feel very lucky that mum is with you.

Joy Sawyer



πŸ‘ On behalf of the Dorchester District Nursing team we would like to say what an amazing job everyone is doing at Maiden Castle House caring for all their residents at this particularly challenging time.

Emma Leese



πŸ‘ Words are not enough at this difficult time. Please be assured I cannot thank enough all the staff at Maiden Castle for taking such good care of my mum Dot. You have always been brilliant in every way but now you are all rising to the challenge above and beyond the call of duty. It is so wonderful to hear the cheery β€œgood morning Dot” when I am talking to my mum on her mobile and a carer comes into her room with her breakfast or medication. The emails are lovely to receive keeping me up to date. Thank you all for talking to me on the phone. I know you are working so hard but you make time for everyone. I hope you could hear our applause in Dorchester last night. Keep safe.

Brenda Harvey



πŸ‘ I would just like to say what a fantastic job the whole team at Maiden Castle House are undertaking at this challenging time. In the face of adversity and personal risk, the care and admin team have been working tirelessly to support the residents under their care. Well done!!

Dr Blunt



πŸ‘ Thank you so much Helen for arranging a FaceTime chat with my Dad, Rowland, at Talbot View – it’s been very difficult not being able to see him, especially as he’s a relatively new resident so I’m used to seeing him a lot in the normal way. Seeing his face, seeing him happy – it meant so much. You are all doing an amazing job. Thank you for taking such good care of our loved ones.

Amanda O’Donnell



πŸ‘ Having been privileged at the end of January to spend much of a long weekend with my Mum Daphne at Maiden Castle House, it gives me great peace of mind during these unusual times to know that she is getting care and love from all of the staff, which has no doubt contributed to her now having been a resident for over 5 years, despite various challenges. My sincere thanks, prayers and best wishes goes out to the whole MCH team and your families from across the miles in a locked down Barbados.

Elspeth Kirton



πŸ‘ May I say a massive thank you to all the staff at Maiden Castle House for their commitment to looking after our relatives. They are always so cheerful and caring but at this time to continue taking the risk of coming in to work is beyond what we can hope for. I miss being able to visit but even when I have dropped off some treats for my Aunt a member of staff has taken time to chat to me (at 2 meters distance of course) and reassure me about the care she is receiving. I appreciate that they are offering technology solutions to having virtual visits for those who can benefit.Thank you, thank you and thank you again.

Jenny Beatt



πŸ‘ To the incredible staff at Maiden Castle House – thank you. My mother has had such good care and has been so happy with you since she joined you in October 2017. I know it’s tough right now and my family is forever in your debt.

Beth Brooke



πŸ‘ Just to say a huge thank you to my work colleagues who are looking after my dad, Ron Webb and all the other residents at Maiden Castle House, Dorchester. As a team from Management, CTLs, Carers, Kitchen staff and the Cleaners you are all doing a fantastic job, working above and beyond by going the extra miles. Love to you ALL xx

Debbie Voss



πŸ‘ Thank you all you are doing such a good job. Fantastic staff at Buxton House Thank you all for looking after Dad at the moment. Stay safe and well xx

Bev Haggett



πŸ‘ To the managers, deputies, nurses, carers, domestics & all across the Care South group, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Many of you I know well. Thank you for the amazing work you are doing caring for the elderly and vulnerable. I’m missing the contact with you and looking forward to visiting again when we get through this crisis. In the meantime, God bless you all.

Tom Carron



πŸ‘ I can’t thank you all enough for the fantastic work all the staff at Maiden Castle House are doing. It is such a difficult time for everyone, but your staff are going above and beyond every day to care for my parents and all the other residents there. You truly are all inspirational and dedicated people. X

Rosie Berwick



πŸ‘ The staff at Buxton House Weymouth are incredible. We are of course sad we can’t see my mum at this time but we are so hugely grateful that she is looked after by a team of caring , dedicated , amazing and utterly fantastic people. Thank you Buxton house staff for everything your an asset to this country

Andrea Hill



πŸ‘ Thank you for your caring at Wickmeads. Fabulous to see that photo of you all looking so well. I appreciate all you are doing for Connie and am looking forward to the day life gets back to normal and we can visit again. Take care and keep safe.

Sue Thompson



πŸ‘ Hi all, I work for the NHS, on an elderly care ward at DCH, so I know how difficult it is at this time and any other time, although it is hard as we can not see our mum, Rose Wareham, we known she is looked after and you are all doing a fantastic job. I just hope it’s all over soon. A big thank you to one and all. Fantastic staff at Maiden Castle Home Dorchester.

Pat Clark



πŸ‘ Just to say a big thank you to all the staff at Maiden Castle House in such difficult times their care for our loved ones is fantastic, to carry on as they do day in day out is outstanding as they all have family members at home and are putting them at risk to care for ours.THANK YOU Alan.

Alan Coker



πŸ‘ Thank you to all the carers at Care South Maiden Castle Dorchester for looking after my mum Betty Moore it must be very hard work in there but your all doing a fantastic job much appreciated xx

Sonja Trim



πŸ‘ A warm and heartfelt thank you to all staff at Beauchamp Country Care Home for all that you do. I know my father is safe and happy in the friendly environment you have all created. Stay safe and love to you all at this difficult time. xxx

Susie Stakes



πŸ‘ I really cannot thank the staff at Dorset House enough for what they do for my lovely mum! The photo we received recently showed her happy and relaxed and comfortable! I did shed a tear at seeing her as I can’t see her in person but she is being looked after by an amazing , wonderful and just generally lovely group of people. Thank you all for your work Lots of love to all at Dorset House.

Angela Paige-Connors



πŸ‘ To ALL the staff carers, cooks, cleaners … Thank you you so very much for your dedicated care of my dad at this very difficult time and in the future. It gives me PEACE of mind that dad is being looked after so very well with care and dignity. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

Theresa Wetherell


πŸ‘ Thank you to all the amazing staff at Buxton House for keeping my Mum safe, it is very appreciated, well done everyone. I miss my Mum.

Debbie Sheppard



πŸ‘ Thank you to all the carers in Care South Maiden Castle in Dorchester .. you are doing a fantastic job looking after our Dad – Frank Simpkin. With love from Jeanette, Bud and Alison xx

Alison Cheney



πŸ‘ A big thank you to all the staff at Queensmead in Christchurch. You are doing an amazing job in difficult circumstances. Appreciate all your efforts with social media! Hopefully Skype chats with mum will make things a little easier. Take care of yourselves and Happy Easter.

Tania Hares



πŸ‘ Each and every day I’m so very grateful for everyone at Care South Talbot View. You all work so very hard in a demanding role, selflessly caring for our loved ones, nothing is too much trouble, it’s from the bottom of my heart I sincerely thank you, I know my beloved Nan could not be in better hands as you are an extended family at Talbot View. Please keep safe, I most certainly will be outside clapping tonight for each and everyone of you xxx

Nicki Norris



πŸ‘ To all of the fantastic staff at Queensmead who do such a wonderful job of caring for all of the residents -thank you, words cannot express our gratitude for the care you give to Betty. Stay safe from Karen and Paul Gee x.

Karen Gee



πŸ‘ Thank you so much for doing an amazing job looking after my dad. I miss him lots but take comfort in knowing he’s in safe hands and being well looked after. I appreciate all of you so much, especially at this challenging time.

Sarah Bankes



πŸ‘ Thank you so much to Carers at Buxton House for looking after our 100-year-old Mum. We cannot of course visit her but we know she will be cared for and reassured.

Paul Dare



πŸ‘ Thank you to the wonderful carers at Buxton House for taking care of our mum Frances and keeping her and all residents safe. The family are so grateful to you all at this time.

Helen Taylor



πŸ‘ Thank you to everyone at Kenwith Castle all doing an amazing job in very difficult times. Thank you for looking after Dad Fred Blight. All the family miss him and look forward to happier times for everyone.

Tim Blight



πŸ‘ To all the carers at Fremington Manor who are looking after our mother, nan and great nanny Vera, we wanted to send our heartfelt thanks. Vera turns 104 this month and we know you will make her feel special on such an incredible occasion. Thank you for your selfless dedication to her care.

Jean Mepsted



πŸ‘ Thank you! Means the world to see him happy! Thank you for looking after him so well.

Mr E



πŸ‘ My mum is in a Care South home in Parkstone. It [is] an amazing place. It is like an extended family, nothing is too much trouble. If the home in Ferndown is anything like Alexandra House, it will be a fantastic job… [I] think you should apply!

Ms R



πŸ‘ Thanks have to go to the staff for being the residents’ friends, visitors and carers at this time.

Ms G



πŸ‘ Thank you for all you and all the carers do for Mum and the other residents especially during this horrible lock down.

Ms M



πŸ‘ Big, big thank you Care South. I’ve trusted you with my mum and I know she’s well looked after. Can’t thank your team enough. I miss my mum.

Ms D



πŸ‘ You’re all amazing & I’m so grateful my mum is being kept safe in Buxton House.

Ms R



πŸ‘ God bless the carers who look after these people and keep them safe.

Ms S