Happy Birthday, Talbot View turns ten!

30th July 2010

Talbot View residential care home, Ensbury Park

Talbot View Home Manager Nick Holman with Margaret Baker, domestic assistant, who has worked at Talbot View since 1977 and Dorothy Wilkinson, a resident since 1996.

Talbot View is ten years old in July this year. It has been decided to celebrate in the autumn due to all the sporting fixtures and other events locally.

The home is situated in Ensbury Park on what was once farmland to the north of Bournemouth. In recognition of this, the four separate houses within the home have been named after the areas of the farm that it has replaced: Butlers Brook, Highmoor Heath, Lollipop Lane and Warehams Way. These four houses each have their own unique community, although they do come together for events and entertainment in other parts of the home or the main garden. There are three landscaped garden areas that allow level access for all residents to enjoy.

Over 70 staff work at Talbot View. More than a dozen of them have been with the company for over ten years and one has been at Talbot View since 1977. This shows what a fantastic place it is to be and a real community spirit is apparent. There have been many changes in the level of care offered. Many residents’ needs are greater, and along with the general population growth there is a significant increase in the need for dementia care. Three of the houses, one of which is an all-male house, cater for those with a dementia, and this allows for a completely distinctive atmosphere which doesn’t lessen their ability to partake in group activities.

The ages of residents vary from 57 to 103, therefore memorabilia is forever changing. Where we once concentrated on the 1930s and 40s, we now need to start looking at the 1950s and the advent of rock and roll, and the infancy of the material world that started in the early 1960s with gadgets that are today regarded as museum pieces.

If you are clearing out your loft in the near future and come across items from these eras, please do pass them on to Talbot View or your local care home. There is an extensive activities programme, enhanced by visiting entertainers. To facilitate this, fundraising is always on the agenda. There are the usual raffles and an autumn fayre is planned to coincide with the birthday celebrations. The most notable fundraising recently was by laundry assistant Linda Smith who ran the London Marathon and raised over £700 for the amenity fund.

We’d love to tell you more about how we can help you and your family to arrange your care needs. Call Home Manager Nick Holman on 01202 537571 for an informal chat or arrange a visit.