A box full of memories at Sussexdown

24th May 2018

Residents at Sussexdown have been taking a trip down memory lane, thanks to memory boxes borrowed from the local library.

The boxes, which are all themed, are full of memorabilia that are designed to spark memories from the past. Themes have included farms and farmyards, with the box packed full of small farm tools, such as a trowel, boxes of seeds and a landgirl outfit, and items from the 50’s, which included records, memorabilia and photographs of the fashions.

The residents thoroughly enjoy looking through the boxes and it helps to encourage reminiscence and conversation. New boxes are borrowed from the library each month.

The boxes have proved so successful, that many of the residents at Sussexdown have been helping to create their very own boxes, with items such as medals, special photos and letters, diaries and objects relating to past hobbies and careers.

During quiet times, the residents are able to look through the boxes, which provide memory joggers and encourage them to talk and share their stories and memories.