Games galore at St Ives House

29th July 2017

This week it has been games galore at St Ives House!

It all kicked off with the Jenga challenge on Friday 21st July, making for some friendly competition. There were two different games going on, both equally tense. The residents enjoyed a lot of fun, laughter and chatter, with the Manager of Housekeeping joining in to enjoy the excitement too.

The fun continued with a group of residents playing a game of skittles. The players were joined by the family of one of the residents, who were the best possible encouragement for the happy residents. It was a very competitive game, with the residents exhibiting real skill. Despite the competition, there was lots of laughter and the activity was greatly enjoyed.

The activities didn’t end there, with a mini golf session for two keen residents. Both lovely ladies are 94 years-old, however there was no stopping them as they weaved their way through the course. The residents enjoyed a gossip and chatter as they worked their way round the courtyard course and look forward to the next session.

The weekend was finished with a more relaxed session of hangman, whilst taking the opportunity to catch up on the newspapers. The news catch up is a weekly feature for the residents, which sees them share the articles they find interesting, prompting great discussion. From politics and sport, to the serious issues of today, the residents discussed everything. After this, the game of hangman added a lot of laughter to the room, with residents even guessing the hardest of words.