Kenwith Castle enjoys flower arranging and scrapbooking

2nd March 2018

Residents at Kenwith Castle have been enjoying crafting activities recently with seasonal flower arranging and an afternoon of scrapbooking.

Residents enjoyed arranging flowers to decorate the home, choosing seasonal yellow to celebrate St. David’s Day and picking out their own individual favourite floral combinations. While they were perfecting their arrangements, the residents were delighted by a visit from Carol and her dog Bonnie who live in the local village of Abbotsham. Carol and Bonnie often come to see the residents who are always happy to speak to Carol and have cuddles from Bonnie.

The residents also recently spent an afternoon working on their scrapbooks – putting pictures from all the activities they enjoyed last year into their books. The residents enjoyed looking at the photos and remembering the happy times spent at Eggesford Forest, the wonderful Christmas activities and many more fond memories from the past year.