Pet therapy at St Martins Grange

1st June 2018

Residents from St Martins Grange  enjoy regular outings and entertainment sessions. Recently, residents were visited by a variety of animals as part of their pet therapy sessions.

Residents met Lightening the tortoise, Socks the cat and Ben a Collie-Spaniel cross. Residents enjoyed feeding and petting the animals and reminiscing about their past pets. Ben, the dog, has recently passed his Canine Concern Care dog assessment and the visit to St Martins Grange was one of his first on the job, the residents took an immediate liking to him.

Alison Wetherall, Home Manager at St Martins Grange, commented: “We organise a wide range of weekly activities at the home, including regular outings and entertainment sessions at the home that reflect the hobbies and interests of our residents. It is so important to their wellbeing that they are encouraged to continue doing the things they enjoy and remain stimulated. The residents particularly enjoyed their visits from our animal friends and are looking forward welcoming them back again soon!”