St Martins Grange meet the Mere Down Falconry owls

6th March 2018

Residents at St Martins Grange enjoyed a visit from Mere Down Falconry, learning about the birds and meetings the owls.

The residents first enjoyed listening to a talk about the birds, finding out about their biology and habits and asking any questions they had about the birds’ day to day life.

Afterwards, the residents had their chance to put on falconry gloves and hold the owls. Some of the residents were brave enough to stroke the beautiful birds and others simply enjoyed admiring the owls from up close – for some, it was the first time they seen owls in real life.

Finally, the Barn Owl flew over the residents’ heads and demonstrated her aerial skill to the delight of everyone. The residents had a wonderful afternoon and are already hoping to see their feathered friends again soon.