Templeman House make miniature snowmen

1st March 2018

Residents at Templeman House have been making the most of the snow that’s covering the country this week by making miniature snowmen indoors.

The bitter temperatures were too cold for the residents to venture outside, so the snow came to them on trays – collected by some of the staff. The residents played with the snow, enjoying the feeling of the powder on their hands, and crafted some lovely little snowmen who were then delivered back outside to adorn the entrance to the home.

The residents were delighted by the amount of snow that has settled in Bournemouth – the seaside town rarely sees snow. The snow bought back childhood memories for many of the residents including Elsie, who shared memories of walking to school with snow up to her knees and days so cold that ice would form inside her bedroom windows. Elsie is happy to be enjoying snow in the warm this time!