Assisted living

Independent retirement living with care and peace of mind

We have four beautiful Assisted Living developments on our Country House Care home sites – St Ives Place at Ashley Heath, Dorset; Strome Park in Storrington, West Sussex; Beauchamp Gardens near Taunton and Kenwith Castle Gardens near Bideford.

Sometimes it’s nice to have some help, even with the chores you can handle, but would rather leave to someone else, such as cleaning, laundry and buying food. This leaves you free to enjoy your retirement.

With Assisted Living, you can be sure of maintaining your independence for as long as possible, with a gradual increase in the level of care as needed. Ultimately this could mean moving across into the care/nursing home itself, where complete care is available. It’s also possible for one half of a couple to stay in their Assisted Living accommodation while the other moves into the care/nursing home.

Assisted Living (sometimes known as Close Care or Independent Living) gives residents the freedom and independence of living in their own homes, but with the security and peace of mind that comes from having professional care and assistance on their doorstep.

The sense of community is an essential part of care, but it’s not compulsory. Our Assisted Living accommodation can be regarded either as a separate independent home, or as part of the community, with its social and care facilities.