Seasonal baking fest at St Martins!

31st October 2011

Staff and residents at St Martins enjoying some baking fun!
From left to right:
Care Assistant Imogen with Betty, Pat, Elsie, Mary, Activities Organiser Mavis and Assistant Chef Helen

Residents of St Martins care home in Gillingham whisked up their cooking skills when they helped in a baking fest of cakes to celebrate Hallowe’en and Christmas.

Spookily decorated cakes and biscuits and rich spiced fruit cakes came out of the kitchen in preparation for the home’s Hallowe’en party, Christmas Fayre, and forthcoming Christmas parties.

“Many of our residents have baked at home all their lives and still love to help with the mixing and decorating. There is nothing like the smell and taste of home-made cakes to make a home homely,” says Kristie Chubb, deputy home manager of St Martins.