Sunny Side Up at Maiden Castle House

8th June 2010

Left to right: Betty, Daisy and Mabel, Residents Joyce Slade and Emma Peel and Joyce with the day’s clutch.

Residents at Maiden Castle House, a Care South residential and dementia home in Dorchester, recently became the proud owners of three hens rescued from a local battery farm. Coming home to roost in the caring atmosphere at Maiden Castle House, the hens were given a warm welcome by residents who chose the names Betty, Daisy and Mabel for their new clucking companions. The hens are housed in a courtyard area of the garden, with seating and situated besides several windows. So whether the weather is fine or wet, all the residents and their visiting family and friends can comfortably watch the hens feeding, scratching about and laying their eggs. The hens contribute to the varied and stimulating lives residents enjoy at Maiden Castle House, with residents helping to draw up care plans for the hens and assisting staff at feeding time. Clearly feeling at home, the happy hens have each been laying an egg a day ever since their arrival.