Up, up and away!

25th February 2011

Templeman House residents, friends, family and staff celebrating Dignity in Action day.

Templeman House celebrated Dignity in Action Day with the release of 75 balloons – each containing a label with a wish from residents and staff.

The next day home manager Deanna Barnes was surprised to receive a message from seven year old Mathis Streyl in Dulmen, Germany, who wrote: “I have found the balloon from H. Morgan whose wish is for a drive in the countryside. So the balloon has gone about 650km!” Deanna was surprised that the balloon had travelled so far in a short time. “This is really amazing, especially as it’s the first one we’ve had back” she said.

Wishes sent airborne include fish and chips on the prom, a family garden party, a drive in a posh car, a trip to the cinema and a pub lunch. All the wishes will be fulfilled during the coming months with the help of local companies. The balloons and helium gas were donated by Peeks of Bournemouth.

Dignity in Action Day aims to ensure that people in care are given choice, control and a sense of purpose in their daily lives.

“The balloon release provided great fun, involved local businesses and the community, and the results will be enjoyed for months to come as the residents get to enjoy their chosen treats” says Deanna.