What a quacking place to live!

9th June 2011

Resident Mr Jean Pike cradles one of the baby ducks.
The baby ducks settle in.

New arrivals at Templeman House residential care home in Bournemouth have caused great excitement!

Four baby ducks were hatched in the home from an incubator and eggs loaned by a local resident.

Home manager Deanna Barnes says: “The eggs were turned night and day by staff and residents, and took 21 days to hatch. It was to everyone’s enjoyment when the ducks decided to make their grand entrance into the world – two arrived on 18 May and two more the day after.”

“A duck run has been placed in the garden where they spend most of their day and at night they are tucked away in the warm to keep them safe”.

A variety of names for the ducks suggested at random by residents, staff and visitors and were placed into a hat and selected by the residents at a naming ceremony. The smallest duck was named Peeking, and the other three are called Millie, Dilly and Dippy.