Assisi Admissions Plan

Despite this very different world that we find ourselves in for now, Care South carers and staff are working tirelessly to ensure that life for our residents and service users continues very much as normal. We are still admitting new residents who need our care and support into our care homes, albeit carefully and safely with new measure through the Assisi Admissions Plan.

Please fill out the form below to enquire about safe admissions to our care home and our Customer Relations Manager Charlotte will get in touch.

Click here to download the Assisi Admissions Plan brochure

“Start by doing what’s necessary… then what’s possible… …and suddenly you’re doing the impossible” – St Francis of Assisi

If this COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything it is that all staff, in residential care and nursing homes are truly remarkable people who put others first for the sake of doing what is right. You just need to look at our Compliments for Carers page on our website to know that is the case.

Recently attention has been drawn to the distressing circumstances of some of the country’s many care homes. Despite this very different world that we find ourselves in for now, Care South carers and staff are working tirelessly to ensure that life for our residents and service users continues very much as normal.

We continue to admit residents into our care homes, albeit extremely carefully and safely. Our Assisi Admissions Plan provides potential residents with comfort and reassurance on their admission into our care homes – their new homes – as well as providing the same levels of comfort and reassurance to our existing residents.

There is no hard sell – Care South is a not-for-profit charity. If at any stage you decide it’s not for you, we will leave you alone.

Very few people are familiar with the process for coming into a care home, but it’s very simple and straightforward.

We simply want to find out whether we can meet your care needs, your dietary needs and that we are able to understand what is important to you in socialising and entertainment on a daily basis.

Simply contact our Customer Relations Manager, Charlotte, by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Charlotte has time to answer all your questions, talk you through the admissions process and make all the necessary arrangements with you.

When you have decided with Charlotte which home you might like, you will want to speak with one of our lovely Home Managers. All of our homes have Skype and our Home Managers are happy to have a video call with you – it is important you feel comfortable with them.

Due to social distancing rules, we are unable to visit you in your own home for an assessment, as we usually would. However, we will still carry out an assessment over the phone to ensure we can meet your needs.

With your permission we can contact your GP and look at your prescriptions so we can arrange for you to be set up with our medication management system to ensure the smooth delivery of any medications you may need whilst staying with us.

For some time now our homes have been closed to all visitors and it will not be possible for you to actually visit the home prior to admission.

We do have lots of photos of all our homes here on our website. When you are chatting to our Home Manager through Skype you can ask them to call you back from any of our available bedrooms so that you can view them.

To get a feel for the activities and ambience within the home you can look at our many postings on Facebook or Instagram, or look at the news stories about the home that are posted on our website.

Because all our homes are closed to visitors, your relatives can bring you to the home but they will not be able to come into the home with you.

But don’t worry, you will be expected and our teams will be ready and waiting to welcome you, help you unpack, settle in and meet new friends.

If you would rather, by arrangement with the Home Manager, we can collect you from your home.

As the availability of testing for COVID-19 becomes more accessible, Care South is moving towards anyone coming into a Care South home being asked to have a COVID-19 test on the day that they enter the home. That is to protect you, and also to protect our other residents and our staff at the home.

Where tests are unavailable, our admissions plan is in line with national guidance and you will be asked to stay in your room for 14 days to ensure everyone’s safety.

During the time that you are asked to stay in your bedroom you will still have plenty of visits from staff and entertainment. Our chefs, activities co-ordinators and carers will still visit you regularly and frequently as you wish and make sure that you are comfortable, entertained and have someone to chat with.

As we are committed to following the Government’s guidelines on keeping our care homes safe, all staff are now required to wear facemasks. There is no extra charge to you for the addition PPE currently being used by staff.