Care at Home services

We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke, person-centered services which can include a variety of the following:

No one likes to ask for help with their intimate care, however our highly trained and professional staff will assist you with sensitivity and will ensure that you feel at ease throughout. We can assist you with washing, bathing or showering, shaving, dressing plus going to the toilet. Our caring staff will do all of this in a manner that will ensure that you are comfortable and your dignity is retained throughout.

From time to time, maybe due to an illness or if a family member or your carers would like the occasional night off, we can provide overnight care. This can either be a member of staff to sleep at your house to be on call should you need assistance, or to remain awake and attentive all night where more intensive support is required.

We provide a wide range of medication support such as collecting your prescription to ensure that you never run out of your medication, reminding you to take your medication or if requested, administering your medication for you.

Even the most diligent family member or carer needs a break sometimes, maybe to go out and visit friends, keep appointments, go shopping or to take part in sports or hobbies. We will take their place both providing care and companionship until they return refreshed. All of our sitting service staff are skilled in dementia care and can provide a range of activities to engage your loved one.

Good food freshly prepared is often the highlight of the day. We can help you with all aspects of your food preparation to ensure that your meal times continue to be enjoyable. Our services can include meal planning, shopping, preparation, cooking and even assistance with eating should you require it.

Shopping on your own can sometimes be difficult, impossible or just plain boring. We can provide transport and accompany you on a shopping trip; help you prepare a shopping list and go shopping for you or assist you to shop online for groceries or Christmas presents.

Sometime just a little assistance with domestic chores such as light cleaning or laundry can make all the difference to your day; nothing gives a lift like a clean house and freshly laundered clothes and linen. This can be a regular weekly activity or a one-off in preparation for a family visit.

We can help you continue to take an active part in your community and family occasions by providing transport to and companionship at events. We will either actively take part in the activity with you or stay discretely in the background – the choice is yours. You can continue to take part in activities that you enjoy such as swimming or meeting friends for afternoon tea in full knowledge that care and support is on hand should you require it. We will also assist you to attend appointments, and any other outings you wish.

Returning from hospital to recover from an operation can be a daunting experience. Make this stress free by contacting our home care service to prepare your house for your return, stocking your fridge, putting the heating on or cleaning the house – whatever you would like. This bespoke service can collect you from hospital, arrange shopping and assist with your household administration, medication collection and personal care. We can also help you to adhere to any exercise programme or diet regime given to you by the hospital. We can continue to assist you until you feel confident that you can manage on your own.

Following an operation or accident we can help you to regain your skills, confidence and independence. We can assist with exercises (under the guidance of your physiotherapist), help you move around your home safely and advise on equipment and adaption aids that could aid your recovery.

Sometimes modern technology can seem a burden rather than a help. Sit back and let us show you how to use a microwave, a computer to keep in touch with your family or how to record television programmes on your digital recorder. We can also provide assistance with activities such as household administration, cooking, moving house or even arranging a funeral for a loved one. Our team have a wide range of life skill experiences all provided with a smile and sensitivity.

Unfortunately, there are times in life where a bit of tender loving care is needed for the whole family. This is when a much loved family member or partner has an on-going debilitating illness or becomes terminally ill. Our award winning palliative care teams are especially trained to support both the person and the family to preserve relationships and enable those special moments to still take place.

We can blend a mixture of the above services to provide you with an individual bespoke service that will hopefully give you a new found independence and freedom. One of our senior staff will meet with you and discuss your requirements at length and suggest the best combination of services for you to suit your pocket.