Dining with dementia

Published: 10th March 2021

The dining experience in care homes is especially important when it comes to supporting residents living with dementia – both when it comes to their physical wellbeing and helping them feel engaged and independent in their new home.

That’s why Care South looks beyond the food on the plate. We focus on the dining experience as a whole; our compassionate staff create comfortable and relaxed environments for our residents struggling with disorientation or confusion.

Our dedicated dementia wing are designed to help residents find their way around the care home, with a relaxed atmosphere and dining rooms that are bright, engaging, and free from clutter.

Picture cards can be used to help residents visualise their meals so they can engage and choose what they would like to eat, while our chefs take care of the nutrition. Familiar smells, tastes, and routines, as well as how we present meals are considered to safely promote independence and dignity when it comes to their meals.

Mark Wardman, Care South Catering Operations Manager, said: “Maintaining a healthy diet and appetite can be difficult, especially when living with dementia. We ensure all meals contain the right balance of nutrients, while supporting choice and independence.”

Mark has worked in the catering industry for 20 years, joining Care South in early 2020. He added: “Our dining rooms provide a relaxed and sociable space where residents can take their time to enjoy their meal.

“Assistance is always available, and we have menus to suit all dietary needs. We also offer snacks and night owl menus for those that like to eat at different times of the day or night.”

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