Four things you should know about dementia

Understanding dementia can be difficult, but it’s important for families and friends of those living with dementia to know how it affects their loved one and also themselves.

Here are four initial things you should know about dementia:

1. Dementia isn’t a natural part of ageing – it doesn’t just affect older people, it’s a disease of the brain and no two types are the same.

2. Consciousness is not affected, but it can impact memory, behaviour and the ability to perform tasks.

3. Reminiscence work, talking about fond memories and events from the past can help to improve mood and wellbeing.

4. Dementia can be distressing for families and loved ones too. We are here to help your loved one feel comfortable and safe and our trained team work with health and social care professionals to continuously improve the way we do this.

If your loved one is living with dementia and you’re struggling to understand the condition or are trying to decipher the best care plan moving forwards, please contact us. Care South is here to support you and your loved one in any way we can.