Greens galore at Care South during Earth Day and National Gardening Week

It’s clear we have a lot of green-fingered residents at Care South with lots of our homes regularly taking part in gardening activities, but especially so on Earth Day (April 22nd) and throughout National Gardening Week (April 27th – May 2nd).

Residents at Fairlawn and Fern Brook Lodge were busy planting cosmos and tomato seeds whilst Betty from Elizabeth House enjoyed getting her hands dirty in the home’s lovely garden. Talbot View residents were excited to finally see some sunshine and took the time to learn about wildflowers.

Alexandra House celebrated Earth Day by making homemade planet Earth cookies which the residents had great fun doing – especially Guy and John who taste tested the leftovers! The house also has some beautiful new outdoor additions on the home’s balcony with some stunning plant pots, put together by Guy and Anne.

Earth Day was a productive day for residents at Dorset House who took action against the disposal of plastic by creating pictures from plastic that would have otherwise been discarded.