Helping those living with dementia maintain a healthy diet and appetite

For residents, maintaining a healthy diet and appetite can be difficult, especially when living with dementia. Care South ensures all meals contain the right balance of nutrients, vitamins, sugar and fibre.

Familiar food and smells are also important whilst taking into account the resident’s likes and dislikes, avoiding textures, smells and colours the person may find off putting. At Care South, we tailor meal plans to suit the resident’s needs, offering flexibility, whether it’s a smaller portion packed with nutrition or having someone to sit and eat with.

Show plates and clear descriptions of the food make choosing the right dish easier. Resident and family input is important, and the menus are updated regularly taking into account any suggestions. Our dining rooms provide a relaxed and social able space where residents can take their time to enjoy their meal. Snack and night owl menus are also offered for those that like to eat at different times of the day or night.