Interactive fun with innovative Tovertafel tables

Published: 7th July 2020

Residents have been making the most of some innovative technology in the care homes that has been designed to boost engagement and enjoyment particular among those living with dementia.

Both Fern Brook Lodge in Gillingham and St Ives House near Ringwood get residents together to use their Tovertafel, which is an award-winning innovation from the Netherlands.

The technology has been designed to help those at a later stage in their dementia journey be more active and create moments of happiness through playing interactive games that are projected on a table.

The light games include gardening, fishing and popping balloons. It encourages residents to reach out towards the table and the lights respond to their hand and arm movements, which can be truly magical and help create treasured moments with family members and carers.

Tovertafels have been installed in a number of Care South homes, for more information about their use by carers, please speak to our home managers