Prize win for Fremington Manor Assistant Chef Adam

29th November 2019

Residents at Fremington Manor will be trying out some new smoothies after a competition win.

Assistant Chef Adam Moore says he will using the new Plant Milk Power recipe book at the home.

Adam won the book after entering the prize draw in Stir It Up Magazine, which is put together by catering supplier Savona Foodservice South West.

Adam said: “As you would imagine, I was very excited. The book gives ideas on different smoothies, which are very nutritious and taste great.”

He added that the book would give useful ideas for the catering team at Fremington Manor. Last summer they made regular smoothies for the residents to help keep them hydrated. High-calorie smoothies can also be used for people with special dietary requirements.

The book, Plant Milk Power, was authored by Dr Aparna Prinja and Shital Shah, a nutritionist and caterer. The book includes information about the ingredient used, as well as helpful guides to allergens and health benefits.