St Ives House residents knit blankets for babies in Uganda

8th January 2019

The knitting group at St Ives House meet once a month at the home to create beautiful handcrafted gifts for everyone to enjoy!

Recently the group has been busy creating small knitted squares which are then sewn into beautiful big blankets. The blankets are very special to the club as once they are complete they will be given away as a gift to newborn babies who are born in Kinkiizi, Uganda.

The brightly coloured blankets will be a useful gift to those families leaving the hospital with their new arrivals, and residents at St Ives House are extremely pleased knowing that the handcrafted blankets are going to be enjoyed by families living across the world.

This project is funded by Christchurch Deanery and Gill Tybjerg, Chair of the Kinkiizi Action Group, who will be visiting Uganda to present the hospitals with the special donations in the coming months.