Tech dog biscuit supports residents at Castle Dene

Published: 24th September 2020

It was a busy afternoon of bingo for Biscuit the dog as he supported residents at Castle Dene care home in Bournemouth.

Biscuit is a special pet, who responds to touch and speech and is designed to reduce stress and anxiety in residents, especially those with dementia. However, unlike a normal dog, the robot therapy pet doesn’t require endless walks and hours of devotion, it’s just there for the residents when the need it.

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Posted by Care South on Thursday, 24 September 2020

All of Care South’s care homes have their own robotic therapy dog, which is placed in different locations throughout the home; Biscuit makes noises and moves, prompting residents to interact with him. Since Biscuit was introduced, the therapy pet has been a huge success amongst the residents, providing stimulation, comfort and companionship and has become a firm favourite in the home.

Research has demonstrated that these can help reduce stress and anxiety, promote social interaction, facilitate emotional expression, and improve mood and speech fluency, in residents with dementia.