Using music as the key to unlock memories

26th November 2019

As the number of people living with dementia rises, Care South is continuing to find way support people to live as happy and full a life as possible.

One of the many ways our care homes do so is by welcoming in a wide variety of singers and musicians.

Music has been shown to have a dramatic effect on people with dementia, helping to unlock memories of happy times in their lives. A spokesperson from Fremington Manor care home in Barnstaple, North Devon, said: “It is wonderful to hear a resident with dementia light up at the recollection of a remembered tune. It’s astonishing when they continue to sing the song in its entirety as the lyrics come flooding back.

“Sometimes this may provoke further conversation as the music acts as a ‘key’ to their memory. They may have remembered dancing to the song with a loved one or singing it to their children.”

Care South welcomes in a wide variety of singers and musicians to help spark those old memories, from the likes of The Land Girls singing wartime classics, to swing, 60s and more modern hits to get people dancing.

For more information about the other activities that go on in the homes, visit the ‘latest news’ page, or contact the care homes directly.